Review: Kate on the Case

Written and Illustrated by Hannah Peck

Published by Piccadilly Press

on 8th July

Kate on the Case is the first book in this delightful, new illustrated adventure series for younger readers.

Young aspiring investigate reporter Kate is boarding a train to visit her scientist mother in the Arctic alongside her Dad and best friend, Rupert who just happens to be a mouse. 

Kate is not long aboard the train when passenger’s possessions begin to disappear … gymnastic trophies, ginger nut biscuits and some ancient scrolls.  Who could be stealing such a seemingly unrelated range of objects?  Luckily, Kate has brought her idol’s Special Correspondent Manual with her, and is determined to take on the case and solve the mystery …

She soon finds a credible culprit, Madame Maude, but will Kate be able to confirm her initial suspicions, or will a twist in the tale lead her in a rather different direction?

This is a charmingly captured mystery with plenty of action and lots of giggles.  It has a brilliant cast of both human and animal characters.  I especially enjoyed Master Mimkins, Madame Maude’s pedigree cat who is the source, although unwittingly, of plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.  I also really liked conductor-in-training Simon who has a heart of gold but is prone to accidents. 

Kate is an incredibly likeable young girl who is quick-witted, determined and not at all averse to a little ‘sneakery’ to aid her investigation.  Her friendship with Rupert is just gorgeous:  they make a brilliant team. 

This story has wonderful messages about not judging others because of preconceived opinions, and the importance of finding out all the facts rather than jumping to conclusions. 

I absolutely loved that this story included extracts from Kate’s Special Correspondent Manual written by her idol, Catherine Rodriguez.  Just as I did, I can imagine readers poring over these detailed entries.  Adding Kate’s notes to these is genius!  The full- and partial-page illustrations are full of energy and humour complementing the story perfectly, and will be incredibly appealing to young readers as will the detailed character and train illustrations at the start of the book.

This is the perfect adventure for younger readers served up with plenty of action, humour and a real sense of mystery with a deliciously unexpected twist that is sure to bring gasps of delight. 

Thank you to Piccadilly Press for a proof in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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