WWW Wednesday

I’m really enjoying this one, and am definitely keen to find out more about the sea ghosts and, maybe, hidden treasure? I really like the main character, Faith, who has a lot to deal with.

I have finished listening to the audiobook of The Owl Tree on Borrowbox. It is a wonderful story of a boy’s determination to save the tree which overhangs his Granny Diamond’s garden from being felled by his neighbour, Mr Rock. There is a mystical element to the story that I really enjoyed with Gran’s health being somehow linked to the tree and Joe being able to hear the tree talk. I also really enjoyed finding out about Mr Rock’s reasons for wanting to cut down the tree. I’ve also read The Misadventures of Nicholas Nabb which I really loved. Nicholas is such a likeable young boy who finds himself living in the sewers after running away from the orphanage where he has been left as a baby. After stealing a bread roll, he finds himself in trouble until he is saved by a widow in a veil who seems to know him but, before he can find out more, she disappears during a magician’s act. Nicholas, along with his new friend Edwin (who is not all he seems to be) is determined to find her which leads him into danger as he has become unwittingly entangled in the machinations of some rather nasty characters. This is wonderfully fast-paced, humorous and gives a great insight into Victorian London. Nicholas is a brilliant character who I was really rooting for.

I’m hoping to finish some reviews tomorrow and then read The Midnight Thief. Not sure if I’ll get anything else read before next Wednesday as my sister and her partner are coming to visit this weekend (ridiculously excited to see them), and I’m going back to Ireland with them for a few days.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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