July Wrap-Up

Wow! July was a LONG month, and probably one of the hardest I’ve had in teaching due to the constant worry with so many classes having to isolate in the last couple of weeks before break up – by far, the worst period of the pandemic for school in terms of both adults and children having to isolate after positive tests. At one point, there was only me and one of our LSAs left of the team of 7 for Year 4 – that was a hard week! BUT, I’m on holiday now and enjoying some much needed down time. I’m also aiming to try to get a little healthier and fitter over the summer, so I’ve bought a rowing machine and am going on lots of walks. I’m also finding time to read lots which I’m loving. My reading and blogging is likely to take a back seat for the next week or so as my sister and her partner are coming over to visit today which I’m so excited about as I haven’t seen them in nearly a year.

Books I’ve read:

I’ve read 12 books this month: 9 physical copies, 1 e-book and audiobooks. I’ve written and posted reviews for 6 of the books I’ve read.


My Feedback Ratio is now at 93%. I have only requested one more book this month: Shadowghast. This is the third book set in Eerie-on-Sea after Malamander and Gargantis. I absolutely couldn’t resist this as I adored the first two books.

Books sent by publishers:

I have been lucky enough to have been sent these books by publishers this month. I took part in the Blog Tour for Tiger Warrior. I have also read The Midnight Thief which I really enjoyed, and am writing my review. Hide and Seek is being released on 12th August, and sounds like it will be an emotional read.

Books I’ve bought:

I have bought books this month, and have managed to read one of them!

How has your month been? Have you read any of these?

3 thoughts on “July Wrap-Up

  1. Sorry July felt tough. Hope you were able to enjoy the last week of term and are enjoying the hols now though with not too much work for next year eating into it!
    Twelve books amidst all that is very impressive!

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