Review: Diary of an Accidental Witch

Diary of an Accidental Witch is a gorgeously charming, magical adventure that sparkles with humour, warmth and friendship that completely captivated me.

Bea Black has moved to Little Spellshire where her weather scientist Dad intends to write a book about its unusual climate.  She soon makes a new friend, Ashkan, who gives her cake and offers to show her around her new school, Spellshire Academy.  A promising start!  BUT things don’t quite go to plan for Bea when she discovers that her Dad has accidentally enrolled her in The School of Extraordinary Arts instead.  It’s a school for witches which would not be a problem except that Bea isn’t aware of any hidden witchy powers!  She is given her own wand, a frog called Stan to look after and sent to levitation class – what could possibly go wrong?

This is written in the style of Bea’s diary, giving a wonderfully heartfelt and witty insight into her life as she navigates some rather unusual lessons, learns to ride a broomstick and finds herself on the Committee for the upcoming Halloween Ball.  Will she be able to keep her school life a secret from her Dad and Ashkan?   Will she find friends in this magical school, or is she destined to spend her time hiding in the broom cupboard?

Bea is an incredibly likeable young girl who is coping with some of the usual worries about settling in to secondary school like whether she will fit in or make friends which is sure to offer support to young readers feeling the same whether they are going to another school or starting in a new class.  Bea also shows a great deal of resilience as she works hard to practice her witch skills, sometimes with unexpected consequences. 

I loved the diary-entry style of this story which will appeal to lots of young readers with its use of bold and capital letters, crossing outs, lists and footnotes.  The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and complement the humour and charm of this story perfectly.

This is a wonderfully warm-hearted, fun-filled story that is sure to enchant young readers of 7+.

Thank you to Little Tiger for an early copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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