September Wrap-Up

Oh my goodness! Is September over yet? What a long, long month. I am back teaching Year 6 which I’m really loving, but Covid has certainly not gone away which just feels exhausting now! On a positive, I loved going on a residential with my class where I got to go kayaking for the first time ever and it was fantastic. Not so much not having a light in my room for the first two nights and then having a light that switched off after about 30 seconds!

Books I’ve read:

I’ve read books this month, 6 physical copies, 1 e-book and 2 audiobooks.


My Feedback Ratio is now at 96%. I have only requested one book in September, Fledgling, which is due for release at the start of November, but I do have two others still on my shelf as well.

Books sent:

I have been lucky enough to have been sent these books this month:

How has your month been? Have you read any of these?

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