WWW Wednesday

It’s been a while since I read Mistletoe and Murder so though I’d listen to Cream Buns and Crime which is a collection of mini-mysteries which I’m really enjoying. I’ll definitely be picking up the next one. I’m also reading The Shadows of Rookhaven and, my goodness, is it good! The opening is amazing – so much tension and emotion. I can’t wait to see where this one goes.

I’ve finished The Book of Stolen Dreams which I really enjoyed. It is a powerful story of a City under the dictatorship of a paranoid, cruel President, Charles Malstain who is determined to get his hands on a special book, no matter the cost. It is up to two children, Robert and Rachel Klein to keep it out of his hands. I’ve posted my review for this one. I also listened to the audiobook of The Puffin Portal by the wonderful Vashti Hardy which was a brilliant story aimed at younger readers. Grace is now helping her mother and brother in dealing with crime across Moreland. Grace finds herself investigating a series of petty thefts and makes an incredible discovery. This is a wonderful story of family, friendship and kindness. I also read Skeleton Keys: The Wild Imaginings of Stanley Strange which is the fifth book in the Skeleton Keys series. I absolutely adore ‘Ol Skeleton Keys, but I think Daisy is my favourite character. Talk about speaking your mind, insulting others, but deep, deep down she has a heart of gold! I’ll be writing my review for this one this weekend.

I’m hoping to read Hag Storm and The Burglar’s Ball next. They’re both being published towards the end of October.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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