WWW Wednesday

I haven’t actually started this yet, but I will be later this evening!

I’ve finished listening to the audiobook of Cream Buns and Crime which I really enjoyed. I especially enjoyed the case files written by different members of the Detective Society and the Junior Pinkertons. It definitely makes me want to listen to the next one in this series. I finished The Shadows of Rookhaven which I absolutely loved. It was wonderful being back with the Rookhaven Family and meeting Billy Catchpole. I will post my review this week. I then decided I would read a book which I had on NetGalley, Locked Out Lily and I’m so glad I read it at the weekend. It is a wonderful story of a young girl coming to accept her illness, and coming to terms with change. Definitely had magical realism vibes, and I loved the writing style.

I’m hoping to read Hag Storm next, and to listen to Gullstruck Island.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. LOVED The Burglars’ Ball…such an ingenious idea having young Jane Austen in the role of private detective and the tone is totally in keeping with the Jane Austen books. (With a few contemporary twists that fit right in….somehow.)
    All of the Murder-Most-Unladylike series is absolutely brilliant.
    And Gullstruck Island is clever, quirky and just wonderful…like all of Frances’ books. (Favourite characters…the volcanoes.)

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    1. I’ve just finished reading The Burglar’s Ball – really enjoyed it. I’m slowly catching up with The Murder Most Unladylike series: A Spoonful of Murder next. I started listening to Gullstruck Island on audio but I’ve decided this is one I need to read, so I’ll be getting myself a copy.

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