WWW Wednesday

I’m trying to do some baking (not very successfully!) and whilst doing that, I have been continuing to listen to The Shadow Keeper which I’m really enjoying.

I’m on half-term this week, so I’ve been enjoying more reading than usual. I finished Hag Storm which I really enjoyed. I will be posting my review next week as part of the Blog Tour. I also read The Red Gloves and Other Stories which I did like, but they weren’t quite as spooky as I was expecting. I then read a book I’ve been approved to read on NetGalley, Fledgling which is a powerful and unusual story that I really enjoyed. Not sure I’ve read anything quite like it – maybe Skellig is the closest! I was unexpectedly sent a copy of Explorers’ at Pirate Island which is a series I absolutely love for pure escapism and enjoyment. I dropped everything to read it, and am so glad I did. I will be posting my review shortly. Finally, I read the next book (I NEED there to be more!) in the Five Realms series, Uki and the Ghostburrow: WHAT A BOOK! I’ll say more tomorrow IF I can get wordpress editor to work!

I think I’m going for a complete change with my next read. Time School: We Will Stand with Them is a time adventure story where the main characters travel back into the past to find out about their family. I really enjoyed the last one, so am looking forward to this one.

8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying Shadow Keeper, I love that trilogy and they’re extra special for me as they were the books that got me hooked on Abi’s stories and some of the first MG I read as a bookseller/MG reader!
    I’m looking forward to Red Gloves too, as you know.

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