Review: Pie-Rats and the Mist Island Treasure

Pie-Rats and the Mist Island Treasure is a guaranteed giggle-inducing, pie-tastic treasure of an adventure:  playful, hilarious and brimming with piratical capers that are sure to delight young readers.

Captain Greentail has inherited the Black Biscuit and leads a daring and brave crew who also just happen to be fiercely funny and loyal!  When they are attacked by their rivals, the Pantaloonies, they find themselves facing a pie-rat’s worst nightmare:  running low on loot!  Luckily, there be rumours of hidden treasure on Mist Island, and so begins the Pie-Rats daring adventure to replenish their stores …

Of course, there just might be a few obstacles for them to overcome like … finding the island, fighting off the ghosts who are rumoured to protect the treasure, and unexpected chicanery … but this will be no trouble to an intrepid crew of rats, hamsters and cheese sandwiches – will it?

This is an exciting, hilarious, playful and action-packed adventure that captured me wholeheartedly.  I mean, who wouldn’t be delighted by piratical food fights, ear-wax figures and a quest for lost treasure? 

I adored the wonderfully eccentric crew of the Black Biscuit who kept me thoroughly entertained and laughing out loud.  Captain Greentail turns tail and hides at any sign of trouble, making perfect excuses for his actions, but I still adored him!  Steady Eddy holds the crew together, and is a brave, clever and kind First Mate. Then there is his friend George, the mouldy cheese sandwich – yes, that’s right – a mouldy cheese sandwich who may not speak, but goodness, his actions speak louder than words – comedic genius!  Add to this the Pantaloonies, ghost pirates and the other not-to-be-missed island inhabitants, and be prepared for a feast of zany delightfulness!

The illustrations scattered throughout are absolutely delightful and brilliantly expressive!

This is a riot of pie-rat-licious fun that is sure to take young readers on an exciting adventure:  a delicious treat of a story, perfect for readers of 7+. I’m so looking forward to the crew’s next adventure!

Thank you to Kate Poels for an early copy in exchange for my honest review.

4 thoughts on “Review: Pie-Rats and the Mist Island Treasure

      1. Ah, thanks for looking them up, you didn’t have to do that! I’ve ordered Pie Rats anyway. Peapod is pirate mad and loves the Jolly Rogers, though I’m not sure how he’d fare with fewer pictures so I’ll have a look and see. Either way it sounds fun so I can always keep it til he’s older!

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