Review: Nature’s Treasures

Written by Ben Hoare
Illustrated by Kaley McKean
Published by Dorling Kindersley on 18th November

Nature’s Treasures is an absolutely stunning, fascinating hardback delight of a book which is guaranteed to entrance young and older nature lovers from 7+.  If ever a book deserves to be a cherished addition to any school or home bookshelf, it is this one.

It is just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.  With a holofoil cover, gilded edges, and a breath-taking collection of interior photographs and illustrations enhancing the exuberant descriptions, this is a truly special book.

This wonderful collection of nature’s treasures begins with an author introduction to some of the intriguing objects to be found in the book.  It is divided into four chapters, each with an introductory page:  animals; plants, fungi and algae; minerals and rocks; and objects made by nature.  It has an easy-to-follow format with a contents page, glossary and index.

As an adult, I was completely absorbed in learning about these remarkable objects, so I can only imagine the wonder a child will take from learning about these.  Each of the items has a double-page in the book with gorgeous presentational features including:  amazing close-up photographs; detailed diagrams; gorgeous illustrations; an introduction to the object; and, fascinating facts telling the story of each treasure which clearly show the author’s respect for, and knowledge and love of, nature.  Through words, photos and illustrations, these extraordinary natural creations are placed in the hand of every curious child, taking them on an incredible journey of discovery through the wonder that is our natural and awe-inspiring world.

I love that there are many objects in this book that children can go on a nature spotting adventure to find, and see in their natural environment.  There are even some tips on responsible nature spotting. 

Nature’s Treasures is the perfect gift for curious children who are sure to spend many happy hours absorbed in this treasure trove of objects from the natural world which is presented in a stunning hardback edition.

Thank you to the Publisher and Abi Walton for a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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