WWW Wednesday

I’ve just finished a book, but I’ll be picking this one up later this evening. I’m so excited to be returning to this series to join the Widdershins sisters on their next adventure.

I finished Julia and the Shark which is a stunning hardback book which completely captured and mesmerised me from start to finish.  The black, white and yellow illustrations are superb and complement the story perfectly, capturing both Julia’s loneliness and hopefulness.  
Julia and her family have gone to live in a lighthouse on the remote Scottish island of Unst.  Whilst her father is making the lighthouse automated, her mother is determined, for very personal reasons, to find a Greenland shark with the hope that its longevity can lead to a medical breakthrough.  Her all-encompassing desperation to find the shark is obsessive, leading to some heart-breaking moments between Julia and her mother, and a dangerous adventure for Julia.
Julia does make a friend in Kin who is being bullied by some local boys and, whilst their friendship is not easy, I loved how honest it was.  I also really enjoyed how Kin took Julia’s eyes away from the sea and raised them to the sky, making a connection between the two.
This is such a powerful, poignant and hopeful story, filled with the lyricism that permeates in Kiran’s stories.  A story of family survival in the face of mental health issues, of friendship and of hope. An absolute masterpiece from this incredible writer.

I also read the next adventure in Vashti Hardy’s series for younger readers, Harley Hitch and the Missing Moon which I loved. I am just finishing my review and will post it shortly.

I have spent quite a lot of today transported to a 1990s Nigerian boarding school in Jummy at the River School which I really enjoyed. I loved the energy and joy that radiates from Jummy and her friends. This is one that also deals with themes of poverty, privilege and educational rights. I will be posting my review shortly.

I absolutely loved Mort the Meek and the Ravens’ Revenge so am really looking forward to joining Mort in his Monstrous Quest which I’m sure will bring plenty of laughs!

Have you read any of these? What are you reading?

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