Blog Tour: Mort the Meek and the Monstrous Quest

Written by Rachel Delahaye
Illustrated by George Ermos
Published by Little Tiger

Thank you so much to Little Tiger for inviting me to be part of the Blog Tour for this seriously hilarious book which is released on 6th January, and for providing me with an early copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

I absolutely loved Mort the Meek and the Ravens’ Revenge so I had high expectations for my favourite Brutalian pacifist’s next adventure and, oh my dancing lobsters, does it deliver!  Mort the Meek and the Monstrous Quest is a kraken story (sorry!):  deliciously horrible (I was warned!), belly-achingly hilarious and edge-of-the-seat exciting. 

The insult-loving, exquisitely revolting Queen of Brutalia has an announcement to make and her loyal, rumbustious subjects had better listen carefully, or be ready to face the Punishment of the Day.  She proclaims that she is not only a Queen, but descended from the Gods, and she has a mission for her most fearless foolhardy subjects:  to venture into the Salty Sea to bring her back a trophy befitting a God Queen.

Ordinarily, Mort the Meek, the one-and-only founding member of The Pacifist Society of Brutalia would not have been interested in endangering himself to gain attention from his Queen but – and this is a bold BUT, his father and younger siblings are lost at sea.  What better opportunity to find them than to take one of the Queen’s royal fleet to seek his own treasure?

Of course, things are rarely plain-sailing for peace-loving Mort and, rather than having his only other member (sorry, half-member – it does make perfect sense – honestly!) of The Pacifist Society and best friend Weed accompany him aboard a sea-worthy vessel, he finds himself aboard the rather leaky The Crabbage with someone altogether unique! Rock-crusher Punky Mason is terrifically terrifying, a master of insults and makes the best threats (at least I think they were threats!) and she’s just a PERFECT sailing partner for Mort. 

And so begins a brilliantly action-packed, wickedly hilarious and endearingly heart-warming adventure as Mort and Punky each endeavour to find treasure which may be more closely linked than they imagine.  Could the discovery of a tentacle from a legendary sea-creature be enough to impress the Queen?  Will Mort find his family, or lead trouble towards Brutalia?  And, most importantly, what is the newest fashion in eye apparel for the Queen? 

Whilst it was ravens who introduced every chapter in the first book, they have worthy suck-cessors in Bruce and Larry, the joke-loving, dancing lobsters who have a wicked sense of humour, and a ridiculously playful understanding of language!  Beliciously drilliant!  You really must reab this belightful dook to biscover why Bs and Ds are so important! 

I absolutely loved being back with Mort who shows courage and determination in trying to find his family.  When his values are challenged, he finds the inner strength to remain true to himself when it really matters. I also really liked Punky who may be tough as her piercings on the outside, but inside she is kind and just wants a chance to follow her dreams. 

The partial and whole page illustrations throughout are absolutely joyous, and complement the warmth and humour of the story-telling brilliantly. 

Mort the Meek and the Monstrous Quest is a riotously rib-tickling adventure with a heart of gold which is guaranteed to increase your laughter lines – and I’m assured that’s a good thing!  Oh, and if that isn’t enough, the Queen of Brutalia demands you read it and, trust me, you wouldn’t want to face her Punishment of the Day, so you’d better just read it!

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2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Mort the Meek and the Monstrous Quest

    1. I loved your review Amy! This is such a fun series. Not sure if there will be another one, but I’d definitely love to read more from Rachel. I love her writing style.


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