WWW Wednesday

I’m about halfway through Hedgewitch and am absolutely loving it. The world-building is an ode to nature – just gorgeous. Cassie is a wonderful character as she discovers that she is related to a witch coven and runs away from her Boarding School to Hedgley. This one has Faeries, witches, a sarky talking cat – exactly my kind of read! I loved I, Cosmo so decided it was about time I picked up My Life as a Cat. Leonard is from an alien species who get to travel to earth to spend some time in a form of their choice. Leonard decided to be a Ranger in Yellowstone, but ended up as a cat named Leonard! I’m really enjoying this. I am also listening to the audiobook of Aftershocks after reading a brilliant review by the wonderful Veronica Price. I’m completely engrossed in this which is such a powerful read which deals with some heavy topics such as the devastation caused by a natural disaster and grief. Learning about the Endlanders belief system is so absorbing and I am eager to find out how this concludes.

So far this year, I’m keeping to my resolution of trying to read more adult books! I finished listening to The Lamplighters which I enjoyed but not as much as I thought I would. I also finished Sabotage on the Solar Express. This is such a brilliant series. I will post my review shortly.

I absolutely loved The Five Realms series, so I absolutely couldn’t resist Carnival of the Lost.

Have you read any of these? What are you reading?

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