WWW Wednesday

I’m just about to start Dread Wood which I’m really looking forward to as I’ve loved Jenifer’s Crater Lake books. Not so sure about the spiders though!

I finished listening to The Wee Free Men just as we broke up for the Easter holiday. I absolutely loved this, and have reserved A Hat Full of Sky and Wintersmith ready to listen to when I go back to work. I also finished The Lost Apothecary which is an adult book which I really enjoyed. The tension between past events and present day is incredibly well portrayed. Even though I was away for the weekend, I just had to keep picking this book up. I found it utterly gripping and powerfully written with a wonderfully satisfying ending. I also read The Hunt for David Berman which is an exciting historical adventure set in Scotland during World War II where a young evacuee has been sent to live with his grandparents, and discovers a Kindertransport boy living in a cave who is unaware that he is being hunted by the Nazis. I will be taking part in the Blog Tour later this month. I also couldn’t help picking up The Ogress and the Orphans and I am so glad I did. I absolutely adored this and loved the writing style which felt magical and left plenty of food for thought. The joy of story-telling, of books and their importance in holding a community together and in making connections really shone through and I loved it for this!

I was so excited to come home today to find I had been sent an early copy of the final book in the Brightstorm trilogy, FireSong. It has immediately jumped to the top of my TBR as I’m so looking forward to seeing how Arthur and Maudie’s adventure ends.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

      1. It was so fantastic! Jennifer so gets children’s voices at that age. I laughed when the teacher pulled them on language – I do the same! I’m so glad she uses humour to such good effect to relieve the tension. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one!


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