Review: The Lucky Diamond by Valinora Troy 

Written by Valinora Troy
Cover Illustration by Elizabeth Eckstein
Internal illustrations by I. Murphy
Map Illustration by Dewi Hargreaves
Published by Disresponsible Nodpots Publications

The Lucky Diamond is a thrilling, fast-paced fantasy adventure brimming with magic, peril and monsters:  a gem of a read!

Five years after their uncle has been banished from Lowdar to face the monsters of the Great Forest outside the town walls, siblings Yvonne, Susan, Vicky, Cathy and Alan are surviving on their own, trying to avoid being caught by officials and facing the same terrible fate as their uncle.

When her twin brother, Alan, is ordered to lead a visitor, Colonel Thrand, to the governor’s house, his sister Cathy follows. Whilst doing so, she finds something the Colonel desperately wants, and he unleashes a terrible creature to give chase …

After making a narrow escape, the children discover more about Cathy’s discovery.  She is a magical living creature, a Princess of the Ancient Order of Diamonds, who are guardians of the land, and she needs the children’s help to return to her home.  Lucky gives the children a dire warning:  they must leave their home if they hope to live …

So begins an exciting, fast-paced quest adventure as the five siblings venture with Lucky by sea, through mountains and over marsh where danger is never far away as they are pursued by a frightening enemy; as they confront the monsters of the Great Forest; and are trapped by witches.  Will the children have the courage and resourcefulness to fulfil their quest?  Will they be able to save their new friend from an enemy intent on revenge, destruction and power?

This is a really imaginative fantasy with wonderful world-building, unexpected twists and revelations, likeable characters, and brilliant villains and monsters.  The action moves at a rapid pace which is sure to engage younger readers.  The five siblings have a close bond, and are courageous, resilient and resourceful, looking out for each other and their new friends.  I loved the use of magical items and how these form part of the story arc, but don’t want to say anything more for fear of spoilers.  My favourite character, however, was the talking canoe, Charlie – just adorable!

This was a super enjoyable, action-packed magical adventure, which is perfect for young fantasy fans of 8+.

Thank you to the author for providing me with an e-book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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