WWW Wednesday

I’m really enjoying listening to the audiobook of Spellslinger. I really like Kellen who should be a mage, but he doesn’t have any magical powers much to the disappointment of his father. He is quick-witted and sarky and I’m hoping has a good heart! I’m also reading The Wondrous Prune which is a magical read as Prune develops the ability to to bring her drawings to life. She is a wonderfully sympathetic character who has a lot to deal with. I’ve just started Carnival of the Hunted and am hoping to love it just as much as Carnival of the Lost.

I finished reading Children of the Quicksands which is set in Nigeria and includes Nigerian folklore. I enjoyed this one and am hoping to read The House of Shells over the summer. I also read Spellstoppers which was a fast-paced, magical read. I will post my review soon.

I finish work on Thursday, so I’m hoping to read both of these over the first few days of holiday.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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