WWW Wednesday

I haven’t actually started this yet as I’ve just come home from sorting out my classroom ready for September, but I will be starting it this evening. I absolutely loved How Not to be a Vampire Slayer, so I’m really looking forward to starting this.

It’s taken me ages to read Gallant as it tended to be a evening read before I go to sleep. It was definitely an intriguing read, but it didn’t really hold my attention as much as I thought it would until the last couple of parts when I couldn’t put it down, and read until my eyes wouldn’t stay open. I also finished The Lost Girl King which I absolutely adored as I knew I would! I’ll be posting my review tomorrow. I also read The Extraordinary Voyage of Katy Willacott which is a brilliant Victorian adventure across the seas with the most extraordinary girl. I’m hoping to post my review on Friday.

I’m such a fan of Kieran Larwood’s writing, so I’m so excited to finally get to The TreeKeepers which is publishing on 1st September.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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