WWW Wednesday

I haven’t got much further with The Second Sight of Zachary Cloudesley, but I am intrigued by it. I’ve just started The Whisperling which I’m really enjoying.

I have finished Ember Shadows and the Fates of Mount Never which was wonderful. Everyone in Everspring gets a fate card, but Ember’s is blank and, even worse, her sister’s card shows that she will die before her next birthday. Ember decides to take fate into her own hands and travel up the mountain to discover the truth behind the fate cards. I also read The Feeling Good Club which I really enjoyed and think would be a fantastic story for children going through changes in school, or those with worries. I will be taking part in the Blog Tour this Friday. I read Greta and the Ghost Hunters Greta which is a brilliantly funny ghostly adventure which both slightly grossed me out, but also brought fits of giggles. Greta Woebegone’s Gran might talk to her deceased husband, but Greta does not believe in ghosts until the day she is knocked down by a car … Greta’s parents are eager to put Gran in a home and the fact that she speaks to the dead seems a perfect excuse.  Greta is determined to prove that her Gran is not bonkers, and is going to use her ghostly friends to help her …. Grandpa Woebegone, plague victim Percy, and the sinister spectre in the cellar.  Of course, they have to agree to help, and Greta has to try to save them from being exorcised once her parents get wind of their existence! This really is a laugh-out-loud, brilliant adventure from the fantastic choice of names to hilarious situations Greta and her ghostly friends find themselves in.  There are also heart-warming moments as the importance of friends and family are shown. I also read The Tale of Truthwater Lake via NetGalley which is another brilliant historical adventure set in both the past and near future with a focus on climate change and the story behind a lost village. I loved the links made between past and present and the ending was perfect! Finally, I read The Treekeepers which was everything I was hoping it would be: I will be posting my review soon.

I’m hoping to read another spooky one next, The Girl, the Ghost and the Lost Name.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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