Picture Book Review: The Tall Tale of the Giant’s Causeway

Story by Lari Don
Illustrations by Emilie Gill
Published by Kelpies, an imprint of Floris Books

One of my very favourite places to visit is the stunning Giant’s Causeway on the North Coast of Northern Ireland.  I grew up with Celtic folk tales, one of my favourites being the story of the Giant’s Causeway and the argumentative giants.  I was very excited to see a gorgeous new picture book re-telling inspired by this popular folktale …

The Tall Tale of the Giant’s Causeway tells the tale of two rivalling giants, Irish Finn McCool and Scottish Benandonner who rather foolishly get into a long-distance argument about who is the best giant, throwing insults, and rocks, across the Irish Sea.  Fionn’s wise wife Oona offers great advice to settle the argument, but Fionn wants to settle it his way:  with a fight between giants.  The giants decide to build a road made of rocks across the sea, so that they can meet and fight … but, when Benandonner arrives across the causeway, Fionn realises that he might just need help from his clever wife. 

A brilliantly told, funny tale of boastfulness, trickery and foolhardiness that is guaranteed to have young readers giggling along as they follow the lengths Finn will go to save himself.  Will the clever ruse that is played upon Benandonner by Oona be enough to send him back to Scotland?  Who will be proved to be the best giant, or can they agree that there is more than one way to be the best?

The illustrations of vivid landscapes and wonderfully expressive characters match the playful, witty nature of the story perfectly, and are sure to enchant young readers just as the story will captivate them, and bring giggles galore.  Perfect for age 5+.

Thank you to Kirsten Graham and Floris Books for providing me with an early copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

The Giant’s Causeway, Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland

5 thoughts on “Picture Book Review: The Tall Tale of the Giant’s Causeway

  1. I don’t know the story, and although I’ve heard of it I’d never actually seen the Giant’s Causeway begire either, it looks so impressive! The story sounds like it has everything young readers would want in a picture book!

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