WWW Wednesday

I haven’t got much further with The Dark Between the Trees but I am enjoying the dual timeline and am intrigued to see how the past seeps into the present. I am listening to the audiobook of The Good Turn as I’m hoping to use it as a reading text with my class in the Summer Term. I am really enjoying getting to know the characters and the writing style. I am reading Saving Neverland which is everything I hoped it would be – a really magical, warm read that I’m absolutely loving!

And, it’s finally arrived! I’ve reached the end of the Spellslinger series with CrownBreaker. I have fallen hook, line and sinker in love with this series and am so glad I picked it up. The audiobook has an author’s note at the end which was wonderful and just a great way to finish off the series. I’ve discovered that there will be a new series by Sebastien De Castell in March of next year which I’ll definitely be picking up as I’ve really loved the style of his writing.

I have so, so many books on my TBR that I’m finding it hard to choose my next one, but I think it will be The Magic of Endings.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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