December Wrap-Up

December already feels a long time ago as I’m getting myself ready to go back to work tomorrow! I did a little work at the start of the holiday and finished off planning yesterday which didn’t really feel like work as I really enjoy preparing reading comprehension lessons. Christmas was not quite the relaxing experience that I’d hoped it would be, but then I suppose life never goes exactly to plan. On to my reading month …

Goodreads Challenge:

I had set my Goodreads Challenge at 100 books and managed to surpass it with 140 books. This included physical books, e-books and audiobooks.

Books I’ve read:

This has definitely been a better month for reading as I’ve doubled what I read in November. I’ve read 12 books this month which includes 10 physical books and 2 audiobooks. One of these, Saving Neverland is a re-read as I’d read it on NetGalley in November, then saw the hardback copy in Waterstones over Christmas and couldn’t resist buying it and re-reading as I loved it so much!


My feedback ratio is at 95%. I have requested and been approved to read two books this month. I have now got a physical copy of The Night Animals as I found it released a little early in Waterstones over Christmas. I haven’t read Lisette’s first book, The Secret of Haven Point, which is on my bookshelves, so I will read it before reading her new one.

Books sent by publishers:

I am grateful to have been sent five books by Publishers this month. I have read and written reviews for four of them. My Blog Tour post for Once Upon a Hillside has been posted. I will be taking part in the Blog Tour for The Octopus, Dadu and Me and will be sharing my reviews for Harley Hitch and Monster Hunting: Monsters Bite Back this week.

Books bought:

I’ve bought 8 books this month and have read three of them.

I also got 3 books for Christmas:

How has your reading month been? Have you read any of these? Have you any of them on your TBR?

2 thoughts on “December Wrap-Up

  1. As always I am in awe of the number of books you read Mary. I have had Murder at Snowfall sitting on my bookshelf since early December and still haven’t managed to pick it up. I will buy Saving Neverland the next time I’m in a bookshop and I have read The Lie Tree when it was first published; it is a fantastic novel with many interesting themes. My daughter read it when in Year 6, it’s certainly a thought provoking read for mature readers in Yr6.

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    1. It’s the first of Fleur’s books for older readers I’ve read and I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to reading The Lie Tree. Saving Neverland is just gorgeous – hope you enjoy it!

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