WWW Wednesday

I’m listening to Tyger which is utterly brilliant. I’m enjoying the themes of darkness and light in this version of London, and am looking forward to finding out how Adam changes through his relationship with the tyger. I’m reading The Tower at the End of Time as my ‘huddled up in bed before I sleep’ read as I just knew it would be a fun read. I’d forgotten how brilliant and zany the characters are, so its such a treat to be back with them. My ‘when I’ve finished school work’ read is The Night Animals. I’m really enjoying how the ghost animals Nora meets help her to learn things about herself as she tries to cope with her Mum’s PTSD. And I’m so glad she has a friend in the wonderful Kwame.

I’ve finished Harley Hitch and the Fossil Mystery and Monster Hunting: Monsters Bite Back which are both published tomorrow – and I’ve already posted my reviews.

I’ve been aiming to get to this one for a while as I really enjoyed The Bird Singers so I’m hoping to be able to pick it up to read over the weekend.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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