WWW Wednesday

I’ve started listening to The Secret of Haven Point on audio. It is not what I was expecting at all, but I am really enjoying it. This is book number 5 from my Beat the Backlist! I am going to be listening to the audio going to and coming from work, then reading my physical copy in the evenings.

I’ve finished three books this week and read another over the weekend. I listened to the audiobook of Tyger which is such an incredible read. It’s definitely a book that makes you think and question, and is one that I found hard-hitting and powerful as well as poetical. This is one I’d definitely consider reading with my Year 6 class as it would be great to open discussions about slavery, racism, capitalism, spirituality and alternate/parallel universes.

I also finished The Tower at the End of Time which is such a fun read. I’d forgotten how wonderful these characters are from Flabbergast the magician without any magic, Dr Spoon looking for Dish (think I might have an inkling who it might be and I so hope I’m right!) and Eric the gentle, kind-hearted troll. The House is such a brilliant character and this time its got the hiccups causing all sorts of mayhem. Nine is a wonderful young girl who is clever, resourceful and brave. I’m not surprised her patience is tried at times! This is ridiculous in the most perfect way!

I also finished The Night Animals and have posted my review. Finally, I devoured The Wildstorm Curse over the weekend, and will be posting my review shortly.

I was very excited to be sent a copy of The Song Walker, and meant to read it over Christmas but Christmas was not what I expected so I didn’t get a chance. I intend to spend a day this weekend reading it and am so looking forward to it as The Shark Caller is one of my favourite ever middle-grade books.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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