WWW Wednesday

Strictly speaking, I haven’t started this yet, but I will be this evening.

I finished listening to Twitch which I really, really enjoyed, so much so that I’ve just downloaded Spark which I’ll be listening to next.

I also finished The Song Walker which is so emotive and powerful. I’m trying to find the words for a review which does it justice!

I saw No Place for Monsters in Waterstones on Saturday and picked it up as I thought there are definitely children in my class who will love it. I try to read all the books I put in my class library so I started this – and finished it in an evening. There are lots of illustrations which makes it a much quicker read than 384 pages would suggest! Children are going missing in Cowslip Grove and their families, friends and teachers don’t remember them. It is up to Levi and his friend Kat (both wonderful characters) to work out what has happened to them with a little help from the monsters. Such a fun read!

I listened to Furthermoor and also read a physical copy in the evenings. Wow! This is the most incredible story dealing with grief and the most horrific bullying. Bren’s sister Evie has died, and he is being bullied. In order to hide from/cope with both, he has created an imaginary world (a beautiful mechanical forest with clockwork animals) where Evie is alive and where he can escape from his grief and pain and feelings of helplessness, but when Featherly arrives in Furthermoor, he discovers that he is no longer safe there … My heart ached for Bren who is paralysed by fear and shame at being bullied whilst also trying to cope with the death of his sister. This would make a brilliant class read, rich with opportunities for discussion, and is one I will be reading to my class in the summer term.

Finally, I read the fourth book in the A Girl Called Justice series, The Spy at the Window. This time, the Second World War has just begun and Justice is back in Highbury House School with her friends – but this time a boys’ school has come to stay. It is not long before Justice finds herself in the midst of a mystery, and one very close to home, as she discovers that there may be a spy in their midst. I love this series: the setting, the friendships and the intriguing mysteries.

I’m going to listen to the audiobook of Spark which is read by the author, and also try to read Beyond the Frozen Horizon which is the Primary School Book Club choice for January.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

3 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

    1. I’m about a third of the way into The Time Tider and loving it! It’s an utterly fascinating read, and Mara is just wonderful. I loved Twitch and am currently listening to Spark read by M G Leonard which I’m really enjoying.

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