WWW Wednesday

I’ve loved Nicola Penfold’s previous two books, and have just started Beyond the Frozen Horizon.

I devoured The Time Tider over a couple of days and absolutely loved it! The main character, Mara, is wonderful and I really enjoyed the whole concept of unused time. I will be posting my review and a piece from Sinead during the Blog Tour next week. I absolutely loved Twitch, so when I saw Spark on my library app, I had to borrow it. The Twitchers have another crime to solve whilst/during trying to protect a rare bird. This adventure is more focussed on Jack as he leads the investigation. I love the interactions between the children, the brilliant building of the mystery and M G Leonard’s narration is fantastic. I’m so looking forward to the next book in the series, Clutch which will be released in April. I’ve had October, October since it was first released, but just never got round to reading it. Oh my goodness – that was a mistake! It is absolutely stunning and such a heartachingly, beautifully told story. This is both a heart-warming and a heart-breaking story as October comes to terms with the changes in her life (after having to go to live with her mother in London when her father becomes seriously injured at their isolated home in the woods) and searches for the wildness that makes her feel safe. I can definitely see why this won the Yoto Carnegie Medal 2022.

I love Barbara Henderson’s historical fiction, and am really looking forward to reading her next one, Rivet Boy which is set during the building of the Forth Bridge.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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