WWW Wednesday

I’m not sure when I went from reading one book at a time to three! I’ve just started The Stickleback Catchers which I’ve downloaded from NetGalley. I’m still reading Beyond the Frozen Horizon as my evening read. I’m really enjoying this, and definitely keen to find out what is going on with the mining company and who Rory might be seeing. I’m about two thirds of the way into listening to The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks which is absolutely wonderful. Alice is an incredibly likeable autistic girl who has been sent to a boarding school by the sea only to discover that she has the ability to talk to the animals (and more). They need her help to save them as their friends go missing. This really is a gorgeous mystery adventure.

I’ve read Blanksy The Street Cat which is a gorgeous, illustrated story for younger readers telling the story of a street cat who makes a friend in Peter the busker and, in order to help Pete get more attention, he begins to create some murals, but is fame really what they want? I’ve also read Rivet Boy which is a brilliant historical fiction based on real events telling the story of 12-year-old John Nicol who becomes a rivet boy working on the construction of the Forth Bridge after he becomes the family breadwinner. I will be posting my review during the upcoming Blog Tour.

I read a few pages of this and was completely hooked, so I’m going to pick it up next.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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