Review: Blanksy The Street Cat

Written by  Gavin Puckett
Illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan
Published by Faber & Faber

Blanksy the Street Cat is a wonderfully playful, heart-warming and humorous story of friendship and the arts that completely charmed me.

Pete the busker travels around the country doing what he loves best: bringing a smile to people’s faces with his music. One day, he meets a stray cat and the two become friends. Blanksy has a talent for drawing and soon begins to brighten Pete’s guitar with his painting. After becoming frustrated with Pete’s musical talent not being recognised, Blanksy has an idea to get people to stop and listen, so he begins to paint murals where Pete is performing which quickly draws bigger and bigger crowds … and fame. But is fame really what Pete wants?

This is a gorgeous, fun-filled story that is perfect for younger readers. It has a dyslexia-friendly font and use of bold text and capitalisation which will encourage reading with expression. I loved the use of internal rhyme which makes it a joy to read aloud and is one younger children will want to read again and again. There will definitely be giggles at the warm humour and a real delight in the friendship between Pete and Blanksy.

The full and partial page black-and-white illustrations on every page are absolutely brilliant and complement the warmth and humour of the story perfectly.

Blanksy the Street Cat is an absolutely delightful story for younger readers, filled with warmth, friendship and humour and the most fantastic illustrations.

Thank you to Faber & Faber for providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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