Review: Not Now, Noor! written by Farhana Islam and illustrated by Nabila Adani

Published by Puffin Books on 16th March

Noor loves her mum, and all the other hijabi women in her family, but wonders why do they wear headscarves?Is it so they can hide snacks for later? Or because they’re a super spy and hiding their secret identity? Full of curiosity, Noor sets out to find her answer, but her family are all busy and have no time to answer this important question. Just as Noor is ready to give up on her quest, her Ammu arrives home and knows just the thing to say.

Not Now, Noor! is a wonderful, heartfelt celebration of Muslim women, of family and of identity which deserves a place in both homes and primary school libraries where its humour, warmth and gorgeous illustrations will delight young readers as they learn about the importance of hijabs.

Noor is curious and full of questions and, whilst she knows what her ammu’s hijab is not, she is determined to learn why the women in her family wear a hijab …

This leads to lots of wonderfully warm-hearted humour as Noor lets her imagination create her own ideas whilst her family are too busy to answer her questions … until her ammu helps her understand the importance of the hijab to Muslim women: a very powerful message of community and identity.

I loved how this story will not only help children learn about the hijab, but it also celebrates curiosity, not being afraid to ask questions and the imagination through the eyes of an inquisitive, quick-witted and observant young girl.

The vibrant illustrations are just stunning and really capture the warmth and humour in the story as well as the closeness of Noor’s loving family.

not now noor

All children deserve to see themselves represented in books and this will not only do this for young Muslim children, but it will also open up conversations for all children which is so important to encourage tolerance, understanding and kindness.

Not Now, Noor! is a funny and heart-warming tale to share with young readers of 3+ who will delight in both the humour and illustrations whilst spending time with a loving Muslim family.

Thank you to Lily Orgill and Puffin Books for sending me a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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