Review: Stink written and illustrated by Jenny McLachlan

Published by Farshore on 16th March

Stink is a fairy-tastically action-packed, warm-hearted adventure with giggles galore, oodles of mischief and gorgeous friendships. 

On Danny Todd’s 11th birthday, something strange happens – something so strange that he decides to write a diary so he doesn’t forget anything!  Amongst his collection of six presents – which includes two pet rats – his little sister has bought him a fairy door, and then immediately runs off with it, only to superglue it to his bedroom wall.  Angry with his little sister’s delight in supergluing things around his room, he pretends that it is a real fairy door, and summons a fairy to teach her a lesson. 

Of course, he wasn’t expecting to summon a real live fairy, but that is exactly what he gets – whether he likes it or not. And she’s definitely not your sparkly, cutesy kind! In fact, S.Tink is more of a rude, naughty, mess-making, trouble-bringing fairy – with attitude!  There is only one way that Danny can get her out of his hair:  help her perform a good deed so that she can earn enough fairy nuggets to get herself a new pair of wings!  And then she’s straight back through that fairy door! 

And so begins a hilarious, non-stop adventure as Danny, his best friend Kabir, and S.Tink are determined to complete a good deed for grouchy next-door neighbour, Professor Najin.  Cue mischief and mayhem as S.Tink uses her not-quite-potent magic, her penchant for causing trouble and her naughty nature to try to earn enough fairy nuggets for her much-needed new wings.  And then there’s the troll poo, the ravenous gnome and the fart-propelled boat:  seriously laugh-out-loud brilliance!

S.Tink is such a brilliant character and one who I absolutely adored.  She reminds me of Picklewitch in her feistiness, playfulness and mischievousness.  I think Danny, Kabir and S.Tink make a wonderful team, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how their friendship develops, and what mischief they get up to in their next adventure. 

The wonderfully expressive and funny illustrations complement the warmth and humour of this story perfectly.

Stink is a fabulously funny tale guaranteed to delight young readers of 7+ and is perfect for sharing as a read aloud.

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