Picture Book Review: The Greatest Show on Earth written and illustrated by Mini Grey

Roll up!  Roll up!  The Greatest Show on Earth is about to begin … and what an extravaganza it is!  The performance takes place in the Shoebox Theatre and is hosted by Rod the Roach and his troupe of incredible insects as they share the story of Life on Earth from 4.6 billion years ago …

Meet a young Earth finding just the right conditions to support life; learn about the evolution of life on Earth in all its awe and wonder from microbes and fish in the seas to plant and animal life on land including the era of dinosaurs and the first appearance of people; and, look to the future of what’s in store for Planet Earth.

This is a fantastically engaging non-fiction text for curious young minds which is both wonderfully entertaining and brilliantly informative.  I loved the appealing layout, set out as a theatre.  Each double-page spread has the Main Stage with lots of bright and expressive illustrations with interactions from the insect narrators and a conversational, humorous writing style. In the Wings, there is more detailed information which I found absolutely fascinating.  Along the bottom of each page, in the Orchestra Pit, is a Tape Measure of Time which provides a pictorial and written timeline of key events in Earth’s evolution.

I think this is a book that will appeal to both younger and older children in primary schools who, I have no doubt, will enjoy learning and sharing so many engaging facts.  I definitely intend to use it when I am introducing our Evolution topic in science.  I love how this gorgeous book gives a wealth of fascinating facts about the evolution of life on Earth in such a creative, imaginative and fun-filled way.  It is one I would highly recommend to any primary school.

Thank you to Puffin Books for a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

2 thoughts on “Picture Book Review: The Greatest Show on Earth written and illustrated by Mini Grey

  1. This looks brilliant! Mini Grey’s illustrations are always great so I look forward to finding a copy of this for a proper look through. Might have to get it for our non fuc shelves (even though Peapod is like me and never picks up non fic!)

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