Review: The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig

The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of PIG has been re-printed in a glorious, full-colour edition and, oh my, is it a treat for young (and older) readers who will love the humour, heart and wonderful messages in this adventure – but mostly they’ll just love getting to know Pig who is definitely a new favourite character!

I’ve decided to write a letter to Pig to show my appreciation for how brilliant he is!

Dearest Pig

I’m going to start by saying sorry to you.  I did find your diary and I couldn’t help reading it – even though you clearly told me that it was TOP SECRET and warned me to keep out.  Despite ignoring your instructions, I am not evil (I promise), so I hope you can forgive me.

Thank you for sharing your map of the farm where you live which I think is a very good drawing.  I especially liked the mudhole and duck’s house in the middle of the pond.  What a clever way to keep him safe from those bothersome foxes!  I’m sorry you had to live so close to those evil chickens, and I don’t blame you for getting revenge by FARTING near their house. 

At first, I was so glad to learn that Farmer loved you so much – and what a way to show it!  Yummy slops and special back scratches – very lucky indeed.  I didn’t understand why duck, who is your best friend, told you to eat less, especially as he knew how much you love your food.  Oh no!  It suddenly hit me!  Duck really is a VERY good friend.  Thank goodness you came to the same realisation on that TERRIBLE day! It’s so good to have a best friend who always looks out for you – and helps make you even braver!

I loved, loved, loved reading about your out-of-this-world adventure, and am so impressed by how brave, clever and inventive you are.  You really showed those evil chickens!  You did make me giggle – a lot – especially with how you get revenge and your disguises!  I think everyone needs to read your diary so that they can all see how brilliantly funny and adorable you are. 

I really hope I find another of your diaries soon. 

Your biggest fan       

PS.  I hope you get lots and lots of yummy slops and some back scratches from someone who appreciates how wonderful you are.

This is an absolutely fantastic read:  hilarious, heart-warming and ever so charming.  An oinksome treat for young readers of 7+.

Thank you to Scholastic for sending me a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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