Starfell: Willow Moss and the Lost Day

This is such a special book:  a truly mesmerising read!  I utterly adored everything about it:  the superb world-building, the colourful characters, the fast-paced action and the warm humour.

Willow Moss is born into a family of witches, but does not have any of their exciting powers.  Finding lost things does not seem a very important magical trait until a whole day – Tuesday to be precise – goes missing, and the most powerful, feared and revered witch in Starfell comes asking for help!

How can Willow refuse? Whilst on the outside she is sensible, deep down she craves an exciting adventure.  And an adventure she must have to save the world.  Of course, she needs to take her only friend to help:  the monster under the bed, Oswin.  Oh my goodness:  Oswin!  He is just brilliant – grumpy, easily offended, unwittingly hilarious… and did I mention? – absolutely adorable! 

Will Willow be able to find the Lost Day?  Who is responsible for taking it?  Will the magic-loathing Brothers of Wol thwart her mission?  To find the answers, the reader must journey with Willow and her companions on their incredible action-packed adventure through Starfell which crackles with action and sparkles with humour.  What’s not to love about engine-powered brooms, a portal cloak, cloud mountains, tree houses and lost spells!  The landscape of Starfell is vividly detailed and wonderfully imaginative, each part having its own unique character and inhabitants, from the broom-making part-elves of Radditch to the forbidden City of Beady Hill to the trolls of Troll Country.

Willow is just perfect!  She is kind-hearted, helpful, brave and adventurous.  She does not need her magical power to find some truly wonderful companions along her way including the kind-hearted cloud dragon, Feathering; the eccentric visionary, Nolin Sometimes; and, Calamity the sensitive hygiene-conscious troll.

There are some powerful messages in this story about discrimination, segregation and misuse of power, encased in a delightfully enchanting story full of friendship, determination and the power of good.  

This is a perfect read for children of 8+ who I’m sure will adore the magical world of Starfell and its inhabitants.

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins Children’s Books for an e-ARC. I have also bought a copy for my class library!

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