The Rise of Winter

The Rise of Winter engrossed me from the first page.  It has a heartfelt environmental message about the need to re-balance the destruction caused to the Earth by humans, told through the story of Winter and the Guardians of Terra: Earth.

Winter is being bullied at school when she is saved, in a most amusing manner, by a sparrow.  She soon learns that she can understand animals when she meets Proctin, a raccoon, who lives under her house:  he is an incredibly loveable character with some great comic moments. 

When she comes under attack, she escapes to The Cove with the aide of Vulpeera, one of the Guardians who becomes her constant companion and mentor.  Winter learns of her family history and that she has been chosen to become not only a Guardian, but the Terra Protectorum – Earth’s protector.  And so begins her training … and the discovery of her incredible powers … and enemies galore!  

This powerful story is full of action-packed escapes, tense journeys, betrayal, and believable enemies who exude a real sense of threat throughout which really helps build some incredibly tense moments.  Winter has an amazing journey of self-discovery which sees her grow into a strong leader who learns the power of self-belief, forgiveness, friendship and, ultimately, develops the strength needed to be a protector.

A perfect read for children of 8+.

Thank you to NetGalley and Central Avenue Publishing for an e-ARC.

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