Review: The Impossible Boy

Publication Date: 31st October
Published by Quercus Children’s Books

Oleg and Emma spend their time inventing new classmates to replace their friend who has moved away and who they really miss.  Just days before Christmas, they create another classmate, Sebastian Cole.  Of course, they aren’t expecting him to turn up in his spaceship, ready and willing to be their new friend!  It’s impossible – isn’t it?

What do you do with an impossible friend?  Why, have him join your class, where he certainly attracts the curiosity of his classmates.  Sebastian is an impossible boy, who should not exist in our world, but does.  He exudes a natural curiosity and friendliness, and is brimming with exuberance and pertinent observations, not to mention a supply of hot ice-cream!  It is no surprise that he soon earns the friendship and loyalty of the children in his class.

Unfortunately, his appearance in the real world has not gone unnoticed and it is not long before he is being targeted by some rather unsavoury characters from the Institute of Unreality who are intent on keeping order in the world by getting rid of Sebastian. 

The appearance of intruders at the children’s school leads to Sebastian’s classmates coming together to protect him in the most ingenious and hilarious fashion which reminded me of the antics in Home Alone.  But, will their help be enough to save Sebastian from the sinister crow-masked people who are relentlessly pursuing him?

The Impossible Boy has a wonderful and rather unique cast of characters from the cowboy gardener to the talking snowwomen to the imprisoned scientist, not to mention the rampaging goat, who all have a role to play in helping Sebastian.  Will they, along with Sebastian’s school friends, be able to keep the impossible boy from being forgotten?

I loved the relationship between Emma and Oleg, and the strength they gain from each other’s friendship.  Neither have perfect home lives with hints of depression and deprivation in their family backgrounds.  However, they have a strong friendship and are always there to support each other.  The children have quite different personalities with Emma being daring, impulsive and full of curiosity whilst Oleg is much more careful and fearful, but together, they make a perfect team.

This is a magical, action-packed adventure brimming with heartfelt moments, oodles of humour and edge-of-your-seat danger.  A perfect read for children of 8+.

Thank you to NetGalley and Hachette/Quercus Children’s Books for an e-ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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