#SixforSunday is hosted by Steph at A Little But a Lot. The theme for January is Getting to Know You and today’s prompt is Favourite Books of 2019. I have absolutely avoided making a list of favourite books of 2019 because I read so many fantastic books that my list would be rather long! However, I’ve decided to bite the bullet for this one, and give it a go – with the proviso that I am choosing books in series that I really enjoyed reading in 2019 that have a sequel/next in series coming out later this year … some sooner than others.

I absolutely loved joining the Widdershin sisters, Betty, Fliss and Charlie in A Pinch of Magic as they fight to free themselves from a curse that keeps them trapped. I was very excited to see the publishers had put A Sprinkle of Sorcery on NetGalley to request. I was lucky enough to have my request approved, and devoured this story over Christmas. This is the only one of my six where I’ve already read the sequel, BUT I couldn’t not include it as it is just so fantastic. I have written my review and will be posting it slightly closer to its publication date of 6th February.

I adored twins Arthur and Maudie’s incredible adventure in Brightstorm at the start of 2019. I have been lucky enough to meet the author, Vashti Hardy at ReadingRocks South this year and to hear her talk and have my copy signed. I am going to see her again as part of Primary School Book Club LIVE! on 22nd February. I’m also using Brightstorm as a Book Study in our English this term which I’m very excited about. I’m so looking forward to DarkWhispers which is being published on 6th February.

I adored Willow Moss’s first magical adventure in Willow Moss and the Lost Day. I’m really looking forward to joining Willow on her next adventure which will hopefully include all her friends – including the adorable Oswin! This one is due for publication on 2nd April.

I loved my first visit to Eerie-on-Sea in Malamander with Herbert Lemon and Violet Parma investigating the legend of the feared Malamander. I was completely hooked into this world and am eagerly awaiting my return in Gargantis which is due for publication on 7th May.

I absolutely adored the first two books in The Wild Magic Trilogy, Begone the Raggedy Witches and The Little Grey Girl. I read them both over one weekend and was utterly engrossed in Mup’s story. I was beyond excited to see the author, Celine Kiernan recently tweet that the third book was being released. The release date is 4th June.

I absolutely adored Casper Tock and Utterly Thankless in Rumblestar. The world-building and story-telling is just superb, and I can’t wait to see where Abi Elphinstone takes me, and who she introduces me to, in the next Unmapped Chronicles, Jungledrop which is due to be published on 14th May.

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  1. Great idea to select series with impending sequels- I LOVE every single one of these and cannot wait for the sequels either and did you see that Abi is revealing the Jungledrop cover tomorrow!!!! 💜

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