Top Ten Tuesday

This is a weekly meme now hosted by That Artsy Girl Reader.  This week’s theme is Opening Lines. I’ve decided to share the opening lines from the last five physical books I bought, and from the last 5 e-books I bought on my Kindle.

Opening lines from last 5 physical books I bought:

A Girl Called Justice: The Smugglers’ Secret by Elly Griffiths

The dark shape of Highbury House was getting closer and closer. Justice told herself that she knew the place now – its turrets and spooky ramparts no longer had the power to scare her.

The Fog Diver by Joel Ross

My name is Chess, and I was born inside a cage. Imagine a wooden platform jutting from a mountain cliff. Now picture a chain falling from the platform and vanishing into the Fog, a deadly white mist that covers the entire Earth.

Where the Wilderness Lives by Jess Butterworth

The day we find the safe is a special day. The canal trust has drained a section of the canal for the first time in twenty years, revealing all sorts of treasure stuck under the water.

Strange Star by Emma Carroll

It was Felix’s job to deliver the invitation. On such a sparkling, sunny morning after weeks of cold rain he was glad to be outside, stretching his legs. Not that he had far to go – Mr and Mrs Shelley’s villa was just a short walk through the apple orchard.

Storm by Nicola Skinner

When you’re born, you’re a baby. That’s something we can all agree on. But you’re not just a baby. No. You’re a story. A beautiful, bouncing, gurgling story. A tale to be treasured.

Opening lines from last 5 e-books I bought:

A Place Called Perfect by Helen Duggan

He waited. Hidden by dusk and the garden bushes against the bark of an oak tree. Watching. The spot gave him full view of the house and gravel driveway. Worrying about being seen felt weird.

The Many Worlds of Albie Bright by Christopher Edge

It was my dad who gave me the idea of using quantum physics to find my mum. She died two weeks ago.

The Last Chance Hotel by Nicki Thornton

In the kitchen of the Last Chance Hotel the loudest sound you were usually likely to hear was the gentle bubble of a lone egg coming to the boil. But today, the air was alive with yells from Henri Mould, the balding head chef, bent double with old age, barking out orders as he hobbled around the kitchen.

Thorn by Intisar Khanani

“Try not to embarrass us,” my brother says. “If you can.” I look out at the empty courtyard and pretend not to notice Lord Daerilin smirking to my left.

The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth by Julia Lee

Clemency Wrigglesworth stood at the foot of the gangway and stared up at the big white ship. England – it was taking her to England. At least she hoped it was, if they would let her on board.

Have you read any of these? Would the opening lines make you pick up the book?

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