WWW Wednesday

I’m just about to start reading Dragon Detective School’s Out by Gareth P Jones which I’m hoping will be a fun and humorous mystery!

I’ve read three books this week. Toto The Wizard of Oz as told by the dog is a fun re-telling of this classic story, told from Toto’s viewpoint. Toto is back in Kansas and now has puppies, and he tells his story to these puppies. Reading this gave me a real feeling of nostalgia as, although I haven’t read the original story, I have watched the film with Judy Garland many times. The illustrations by Emma Chichester Clark are gorgeous. I then another story by Michael Morpurgo, Boy Giant Son of Gulliver. This is a classic children’s story which I read many years ago, although I also studied it for my English Literature degree when I discovered it was never meant to be a children’s story. I really enjoyed Boy Giant which tells the story of a boy fleeing war-torn Afghanistan. His father is killed and he is separated from his mother and sister as he flees on a boat to England. The boat sinks, and he wakes up in Lilliput where the inhabitants have known Gulliver and assume he is his son. This is a wonderful story of kindness, acceptance and overcoming barriers to unite people. It has gorgeously heart-warming ending. I also read The Midnight Guardians (via NetGalley) which was a truly magical read set during the Blitz. I adored the three Guardians and their special friendship with Col as they undertake an incredible quest to save Col’s sister whilst fighting against the dark powers of the Midwinter King.

I read The Wind Reader by Dorothy A Winsor last year, and I really enjoyed it, so when the publisher asked if I’d be interesting in this one, I was excited to read it. It is published on 27th June.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

5 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. My mum always loved reading Michael Morpurgo with her classes but I never really got into his books, that said I couldn’t even tell you know which I read so maybe I need to give him another try.

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    1. When I started teaching, I read lots of his books. He has written so many I find it hard to keep up with them all. I remember teaching The Giant’s Necklace as an NQT and being astounded by the number of children who couldn’t see the ending coming! I find his war stories very powerful and they never fail to make to cry – Private Peaceful and Listen to the Moon are heartbreaking.

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      1. So many kids really take to him and I know mum finds his war stories very powerful too. I think it’s all the animals that puts me off but I really should go back and try him again!


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