Believathon III: The Mystery of the Missing Maleficarum

I tried (ish) to resist Believathon this year, but I just couldn’t! Believathon is a month-long readathon, starting on 1st November and finishing on 30th November celebrating middle-grade books which is organised by the wonderful Gavin Hetherington @Believathon (Twitter). I had a LOT of books to choose from, but these are the ones which made it to my final choices. I changed my mind a fair few times before settling on these!

In order to solve The Mystery of the Missing Maleficarum, I need to navigate my way through the Manor of Make-Believathon and pick up clues by completing reading challenges along the way.

Here are my choices:

The Key:  read a mystery: The Valley of Lost Secrets by Lesley Parr

The Fingerprints:  read a book written by an author from a different culture: A Thousand Questions by Saadia Faruqi

The Scream:  listen to an audio-book or read a book out loud: Jolly Foul Play by Robin Stevens

The Torn Page:  read a book with a supernatural element: The Weather Weaver by Tamsin Mori

The Crown:  read a book that is set in an alternate world to our own: Delivery to the Lost City by P.G. Bell

The Spilled Ink:  read a book that features ghosts: The Ghost of Gosswater by Lucy Strange

The Dagger:  read a book that is set in a dangerous setting: The Forest of Moon and Sword by Amy Raphael

The Backpack:  read a book by a new-to-you author: Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston

The Footprints:  read a book that features a prominent villain: The Promise Witch by Celine Kiernan

The Hand Mirror:  read a book with a beautiful cover: Tamarind & the Star of Ishta by Jasbinder Bilan

The Chain:  read a book that features a colourful cast of friends: Return to Roar by Jenny McLachlan

The Flash of Lightning:  read a book that incorporates folktales: The Hungry Ghost by H.S. Norup

The Shadow:  read a book that was first published in 2020: Another Twist in the Tale by Catherine Bruton

In order to discover the villain, Gavin will be doing an unmasking video on his Youtube Channel, How to Train your Gavin, on 30th November.

I’m really looking forward to my November reading month. Are you taking part in Believathon?

8 thoughts on “Believathon III: The Mystery of the Missing Maleficarum

  1. I’m. Still trying to figure out a way to do this alongside my insane reading challenge with work.
    Annoyingly I let myself look at the prompts and I have SO MANY books I want to read for them…but none of them are in my Must Be Read piles!
    We’ll see! Good luck to you on your quest though, looks like a good selection

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    1. It was easy to find books to fit the prompts – I’m using the challenge to clear my NetGalley approvals. I’ve already gone off track though and am reading a book which isn’t on my challenge and I’m reading Shadows of Winterfell for a reading club that I should have included! Oh well! I have nothing else to do now at the weekend apart from reading! 😂. Good luck with your work reading challenge!

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      1. Haha! Hope it gives you chance to squeeze some extra books in! I really enjoyed Shadows, hope you do too!

        I *think* I’ll manage to wrangle what I have to read into Believathon with a bit of doubling up and cheating and whatnot! 🤞

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