October Wrap-Up

Well, October has been a whirlwind of teaching, reading, shopping for books and starting watching Christmas films – not too early at all! I was meant to go and visit my Mum in Northern Ireland over half -term, but it was put into lockdown and, as I’ve been working closely with children, I decided I couldn’t take the risk. This was a really hard decision as I have no idea when I’ll get to see my family in Ireland again. Not sure what to expect in the next month with teaching, but I do know that I’m going to take time to cosy up with plenty of the books on my TBR as they are just what I need now.

Books I’ve read:

I’ve read 19 books this month which includes 12 physical books, 3 e-books and audiobooks (but I switched to the paperback of one part way through).

Physical books:

I was sent Midnight Magic, Zombierella, Toto the Ninja Cat by the Publishers in exchange for honest reviews, and bought the others. I did have an e-ARC of Tinsel, but I bought and read the gorgeous hardback as well.


I read an e-ARC of The Time Traveller and the Tiger after being approved to read it by the Publisher via NetGalley. I read The Silver Arrow on Borrowbox and I bought an e-copy of Boy, Everywhere directly from the publisher.


I listened to all of these on Borrowbox, but I did switch to the physical book of Moonchild about a third of the way through.

Books I’ve bought:

Yet again, I’ve bought more books than I can manage to read, but I did give quite a lot of my adult and young adult books to a local charity shop, so I have room on my bookshelves! This month I’ve bought 14 books (13 physical and 1 e-book). I had already read The Castle of Tangled Magic on NetGalley, but I couldn’t resist a lovely signed copy. I had also already read The Midnight Swan on NetGalley, but a girl in my class was devouring the series, so I couldn’t help getting a copy for my class library so she could finish the series – she was so excited to see it was a signed copy.


My Feedback Ratio is currently at 93%, and I’ve finally managed to get my 50 Reviews Badge which I’m very excited about as it’s taken a while! I currently have 4 books on my NetGalley shelf which I’m hoping to read in November:

October posts:

I added 24 blog posts to my Blog in October, so it has been a good month for blogging. I took part in WWW Wednesday, Top Ten Tuesday and First Lines Friday. I’m also continuing to celebrate wonderful middle-grade releases in my weekly meme, MG Takes on Thursday. I also did an Middle-grade anticipated releases for November and December post. The reviews I’ve posted are linked below:

  1. Toto the Ninja Cat and the Mystery Jewel Thief. This was sent to be by the Publisher.
  2. Tinsel: The Girls Who Invented Christmas. I had an e-ARC of this approved on NetGalley, but I bought the gorgeous hardback and read
  3. Malice in Underland. This is one I bought and recommended on MG Takes on Thursday.
  4. The Time Traveller and the Tiger. I was approved to read an e-ARC on NetGalley.
  5. Midnight Magic. I was sent a copy by the Publisher, and took part in the Blog Tour, sharing a chapter extract and my review.
  6. A Secret of Birds and Bone. This is one I bought and recommended on MG Takes on Thursday.
  7. The Castle of Tangled Magic. I was approved to read an e-ARC on NetGalley, but have also bought a physical copy.
  8. Molly Thompson and the Crypt of the Blue Moon. This is one I bought.
  9. The Griffin Gate. This is one I bought.
  10. Witch. This was approved to read an e-ARC on NetGalley.

That’s a wrap! A good reading month! I’m so glad I’ve found my way into blogging as I’m really loving it, and enjoying making connections with some wonderful bloggers. Reading and blogging have definitely been my much-needed worlds to escape into!

9 thoughts on “October Wrap-Up

  1. I’m delighted to see The Ghosts’ Child in this post. I love this book! Happened to have bought a couple of months before my mother died years ago…it moves me so very much and gave me a level of compassion at a time when I really needed it.


    1. There was a time I barely had time to read as teaching took up a ridiculous amount of my time! I try hard to give myself the weekend off now so I get a lot of reading done then. I often wake up at 6am on a Saturday and read a book before I get up – I’m quite a fast reader! I don’t get as much reading done during the week!

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