WWW Wednesday

I’m currently reading The Accidental Wizard and am really enjoying it – magic, laughs and adventure – just what I need to escape to right now! I’m listening to the audiobook of Jolly Foul Play (which is a Believathon prompt for me). This is definitely keeping me entertained on my way to and from work! I’m going to assume that there is a twist and the murderer/s is not who I’m thinking!

I’ve read Theodora Hendrix and the Monstrous League of Monsters which was a really fun read with plenty of humour and adventure. A brilliant range of monsters live together in an old mansion with a not-to-be-broken rule: keep yourselves hidden from humans. This is going well until zombie George crawls out of his grave to find an abandoned baby in the graveyard. In order to save her from being eaten by hobgoblins, he takes her home where she is brought up by the monsters. They are a wonderful family. Ten years later and their secret is about to be revealed. Theodora must investigate in order to save her family. I think this is one my class will love.

I also read A Thousand Questions which is a really wonderful heart-warming story of family and the friendship which forms between two girls from different countries, both with problems to overcome. The depiction of modern-day Karachi by an own voices author is brilliant. I will be posting my review as part of the upcoming Blog Tour.

I’m hoping to complete another couple of Believathon reads by next Wednesday. I’ve chosen two of my NetGalley approvals: The Valley of Lost Secrets and The Weather Weaver.

3 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. I’m now desperately trying to think back to JFP to remember who did it/who I thought it was! I don’t know that I guessed a single one of the MMU books thiugh except partially in some!
    Looking forward to your thoughts on Weather Weaver.

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