Six for Sunday

Even though the November theme for Six for Sunday, hosted by Steph at A Little But a Lot, is perfect for me, A celebration of kids’ books!, I haven’t been able to do as much reading and blogging as I’d like this month for personal reasons and as work has been hectic! Things are now looking up, so I thought I’d take part this week. The prompt is to share Children’s books you’d love to read. I have ‘over 100’ (a conservative estimate!) children’s books patiently waiting to be read in my bookcases at home, so I’ve decided to choose three I bought about a year ago and three more recent purchases which will all be perfect books to pick up in December.

I’ve had North Child since last Christmas, and just haven’t managed to pick it up yet. I’ve seen so many brilliant recommendations for this, and I already know I’m going to love it! I’ve also got West which is the next book in the series which I think might be for slightly older readers.

I’m choosing one and having one extra here! I read The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club last year and absolutely loved it. I immediately bought the next two, Explorers on Witch Mountain and Explorers on Black Ice Bridge and have kept meaning to read them. December seems like the perfect time to delve back into this wonderful world. There is a new book in this series, The Ocean Squid Explorers’ Club, coming out in February which I’m also really looking forward to.

Nevertell is another one I’ve had since last year. It’s been highly recommended to me by a child in my class who read it over the first lockdown and loved it. I think this will be a perfect wintry, magical adventure.

I absolutely love The Storm Keeper series by Catherine Doyle and couldn’t resist The Miracle on Ebenezer Street, a modern re-imagining of A Christmas Carol. I think there might be tears!

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but this one just screams ‘perfect wintry read’. I’ve loved the other books in the Clifftoppers series, and am looking forward to curling up on the sofa with this one – and a hot chocolate!

I definitely need to read a book with Father Christmas in December! I got this special edition of The Night I Met Father Christmas for my birthday. I didn’t read it when it was first published, so wanted to read the re-issue.

Have you read any of these? What are you hoping to read in December?

8 thoughts on “Six for Sunday

  1. Love, love, love North Child! It’s one I always recommend for December reading. I was so delighted when I saw it had been re-issued last year. It’s simply wonderful. Nevertell is brilliant. (In truth, I like it more than her latest, but am not sure why.) Alex Bell is fabulously adventurous. I haven’t read the others, though I do love Fleur Hitchcocks’ others in the Clifftoppers series, so this will be one I will look for. Catherine Doyle is so wonderful….and Ben Miller can do no wrong, as far as I’m concerned. What a wonderful post! Enjoy the reading!

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  2. Ooh, I love your choices Mary. The only one I haven’t read is North Child, I shall have to get a copy. The Miracle on Ebenezer Street is absolutely one of the best books I have ever read, I have encouraged most of my colleagues to read it to their own children and it’s being read as a classroom story & copies out on loan – you will definitely need tissues & waterproof mascara though!! Happy Christmassy reading 😊🎄📘

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    1. I’m so looking forward to reading The Miracle on Ebenezer Street especially with your wonderful recommendation. I’ve heard so many good things about North Child so I’m really looking forward to it too.

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    1. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to read the rest of the Explorers’ series – too many amazing books on my bookshelves! Did you know there’s a new one, The Ocean Squid Explorers’ Club, coming out in UK at the beginning of February?

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