WWW Wednesday

I’m still listening to The Amber Spyglass on Borrowbox. I am in awe of the world and narrative created which has completely drawn me in – perfect in-car entertainment! I’ve just started Amari and the Night Brothers which I had intended to read by now, but a few others got in the way! One of the children in my class has given me her copy of The Wizard in the Shed to read during our ‘Reading for Pleasure’ session. I’m really enjoying this which has a great mixture of humour and warmth.

I finished reading Shadows of Winterspell for Middle Grade Marvels Book Club. I’ve had this one on my TBR for about a year, so I’m really glad it was chosen as I loved the story. This story tended to reveal a lot of information quite early on in the book which I actually found very refreshing. We know Stella’s background and her connection to the Shadow King early on in the story. She lives with her ghost Nan and their imp, Peg on the outskirts of the forest. She has been taken there for her protection, but Stella wants to assert her independence so insists on starting school which is not quite what she expected. Once there, she forms some wonderful friendships, makes some intriguing discoveries and makes a decision to confront her past in an effort to help the magical creatures battling against the shadows in the forest. This is one I would definitely recommend.

I also read Tamarind and the Star of Ishta which I absolutely loved. Tamarind’s mother died when she was a baby and her father took her away from her country of birth, India. He has since re-married and brings her back to meet her mother’s family in India whilst he and his new wife honeymoon. Once there, Tamarind begins to discover more about her mother and her family. This is a story of finding your identify, belonging and friendship (both difficult and easy) encapsulated in a wonderful mystery as Tamarind tries to discover the identify of the unusual girl, Ishta, who she meets in the garden of her ancestral home. This is a short book (202 pages) but it packs so much in … it drew me into this richly described world and really did take me on a wonderful adventure.

I was sent a copy of The Lost Child’s Quest by the author. Another short story and the start of a series. I loved the mix of history and legend and thought it was a brilliant start to a series I will definitely want to continue. I will be posting my review shortly.

I also read the final part in The Wild Magic trilogy, The Promise Witch. The Little Grey Girl is still my favourite book in the trilogy, but I did really enjoy this one and thought it was a great conclusion to the series. Mup and Crow are taken by a raggedy witch called Magda who intends to use them to regain her place amongst the raggedy witches. I love how deep emotions run in the story and the lyrical quality of the writing is gorgeous. The friendship between Mup and Crow is just wonderful as is the strength shown by characters who have been wronged by the witches in terrible ways as some seek to help and others to redeem themselves. The strength and unity shown by oppressed peoples as they stand up for themselves and fight for their place and freedom is brilliantly portrayed.

I’m REALLY behind with writing reviews so I’m going to try to catch up this weekend but then I intend to read The Ghost of Gosswater.

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