WWW Wednesday

I’m currently reading Another Twist in the Tale which I’m really enjoying. I haven’t got very far into it yet, but I love the idea of a twin sister to Oliver Twist who has been separated from him. She is a great character, so I’m looking forward to seeing where the story takes me!

I’ve finished reading A Tangle of Spells which is the third book in A Widdershins Adventure series, and it is utterly brilliant! I so adore these three sisters! This book is probably the darkest of the books and takes them away from their home as they move to a new village. This is due to be published on 4th February, so I’ll post my review soon. I’ve also read a short story by the brilliant Emma Carroll. It is a short read, published by the brilliant Barrington Stoke who publish dyslexia-friendly books. I adored the friendship which develops between Fran, who is the daughter of the Head Gardener at Longbarrow House, and the owner’s grandson, Leo. This story is set just before the onset of the First World War, but has other historical links too as the children explore connections between objects in the garden found and the past and present. A wonderful read with an intriguing premise!

I’ve been lucky enough to be approved to read The Shark Caller on NetGalley, so I think I’m going to lose myself in this over the weekend.

8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. Great selection!
    I’ve also got Shark Caller on netgalley and it’s one of my most anticipated reads for this year!
    I still need to read Sprinkle of Sorcery 🙈 I don’t even know how I’ve left it this long!
    I’d, like to read Another Twist in the Tale too as I really loved Ballet Shoes, but realistically I just don’t know when I’ll manage it!

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    1. Hope you had a good Christmas and Happy New Year! I’ve heard so many good things about Shark Caller so I’m really looking forward to it. I definitely think you’d love this series. I haven’t read Ballet Shoes – another one to get to! My TBR is beyond ridiculous! Teaching is beyond intense at the moment so I’m not getting much reading done during the week as I’m so exhausted and mentally drained by the time I finish each day. Really hope it improves soon!


      1. Oh yes, you have my full support and sympathy at the moment. I can’t even imagine how difficult and exhausting it is now when it’s already such a demanding job. Hope you’re doing ok and things ease off.
        And yes, thank you, we had a good Christmas and New Year despite its very different nature this year – Peapod ‘got’ it this year so that made up for all the crap going on! Hope you had a good one too.
        You NEED to read Ballet Shoes, you’ll love it I think.

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      2. Thank you – that means a lot. It’s just getting used to teaching children in class whilst juggling prepping, marking and managing online work, not to mention live check-ins and recording lessons for children to access when they can at home. Not sure how many ways I can split myself, but I’m sure I’ll settle into the new routine – eventually! I can imagine parents and children are also finding it difficult, so it’s trying to do all I can to help them.
        I’m glad you had a good Christmas despite the circumstances. I can imagine having Peapod understand is wonderful, and makes it very special. I will have to add Ballet Shoes to my toppling TBR!


      3. Thank you! 💚 Parents are being fantastic and it’s so lovely to have Google Meets with the children who are at home. They’ve loved seeing each other through this too. It’s a steep learning curve but I’ll get used to it.

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