Review: Delivery to the Lost City

What a perfect ending to this absolutely magical trilogy which is so brilliantly inventive and bursting with imaginative delights and utterly wonderful characters.  Delivery to the Lost City transported me on another exhilarating, action-packed adventure, full of wondrous events, danger, humour and a race against time to make a seemingly impossible delivery … an absolute treasure of a story.

Postal Operative Suzy is back at home after her last adventure aboard the Impossible Postal Express, but she doesn’t want it to be her last.  She is keen to convince her over-protective parents to put their trust in her and allow her to make further deliveries.  What better way to reassure them that making postal deliveries in the Impossible Places is perfectly safe than over dinner with her troll friends Stonker, Fletch and Wilmot not to mention Ursel, the firewoman bear?  Unfortunately, the best laid plans can go awry which is exactly what happens when Wilmot gets an urgent message from the Ivory Tower.

The crew of the Impossible Possible Express are soon charged with their most important delivery to date, a delivery that way well prove to be both impossible and their last as they must deliver it to an address that no longer exists!  What must they deliver?  Just an overdue book!  But there’s a problem:  The Book of Power is alive and has magical powers, allowing it to devour all the words from books around it, draining the great Library in the Ivory Tower of knowledge.  I can’t imagine a worst nightmare for a book lover and can totally understand the urgency in getting it to its destination …

So begins an exciting, edge-of-your-seat adventure to find a Lost City as the crew take on their most difficult delivery, a Gold Stamp Special Delivery.  They are nothing if not dedicated and are absolutely determined to fulfil their mission, even as it leads them into dangerous places, through incredible twists and revelations:  it’s a mission that will require all their ingenuity, courage and teamwork. 

This story is just brilliant from start to finish.  It absolutely engrossed me and took me on an incredibly imaginative adventure with characters who feel like old friends.  There is always something really comforting in returning to a world that I know and viewing it with fresh eyes as I explore another layer to it with familiar characters.  I also really liked that Suzy’s parents get to see the incredible world that Suzy has become an important part of, and that they get to see another side to their daughter.

I must add that the illustrations by Flavia Sorrentino are absolutely gorgeous and really capture the magical quality of this wonderful adventure.

This is an incredibly popular series in my class as I have a few of the first two books in this series in my class library which are never on the shelves.  Its really wonderful to hear the children recommending this series to each other.  I can’t wait to add this final book as I already have eager young readers keen to read it. 

Thank you to Toppsta and the Usborne Publishing for sending me a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

2 thoughts on “Review: Delivery to the Lost City

  1. This wasn’t a series I got into, but I did think book one was well done. Good to have a nudge as it’s a series I don’t often think of when recommending now, but one I know would be popular.

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