Review: Everyday Magic by Jess Kidd

Written by Jess Kidd
Cover Illustration by Beatriz Castro
Published by Canongate on 1st April

Everyday Magic is a delightfully charming, quirky and magical adventure with an abundance of fun, fast-paced action and fantastic characters. 

Alfie Blackstack is not a seeker of adventure so, when he moves to live with his two aunts after his father goes missing, it is with great relief that he discovers that Little Snoddington is a cosy, idyllic village where nothing much happens.  How WRONG can a nine-year-old be?

It transpires that his aunts Gertrude and Zita are, in fact, witches, and magic is real!  Whilst Gertrude is welcoming and kind, Zita is not exactly overjoyed to have her nephew living in the rather creepy Switherbroom Hall. After all, she despises children!

Despite Alfie not seeking adventure, it soon finds him in the form of a snowglobe and his first ever friend! He is gifted the snowglobe which holds an occupant who seems to delight in causing mayhem, leading to lots of giggles!  He also makes his first ever friend in Calypso who has arrived in the village with the travelling circus. 

When Calypso’s little sister, Nova, goes missing, Alfie is determined to help find her … and so begins a brilliantly fast-paced, action-packed adventure with oodles of fun, danger and revelations that kept me captivated and entertained throughout.  Can Alfie and Calypso discover the whereabouts of Nova?  As if that wasn’t enough adventure, they find themselves caught up in the threat of a Witch War:  can they outwit the popularity-seeking, nasty Head Witch, Prunella Morrow, before she destroys both families?

There is so much to delight in, and giggle at, in this splendiferous story:  warring witches on vacuum cleaners; an imp causing chaos; a ghost librarian; and, a Snakes and Ladders contest with a difference. 

Alfie is an absolutely delightful bespectacled, bright-orange anorak-wearing young boy.  In his new life, he discovers true friendship, family and home, and a sense of belonging.  When he is standing up for his friends, family and himself, Alfie shows that he is both courageous and daring.  Calypso proves to be a wonderfully supportive and kind-hearted friend who believes in Alfie. 

This is a wacky, bewitching and exciting adventure that young readers of 7+ will adore. 

Thank you to Canongate for an early copy in exchange for my honest opinion.   

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