Blog Tour: The Beast and the Bethany: Revenge of the Beast

Thank you so much to Dave at The Write Reads for inviting me to be part of this Ultimate Blog Tour. I must admit I had already purchased and devoured this delicious treat of a book as soon as it was published.


The Beast and the Bethany:  Revenge of the Beast is the perfect follow-up to the Beast and the Bethany:  a real page-turner with unexpected twists and turns and deliciously dark humour that held me entranced.

There was a time when 512-year-old Ebenezer had only one ‘friend’:  a beast who lived in his attic and who gave him all manner of presents in exchange for being fed anything he asked for, even if that happened to be Ebeneezer’s new friend, ‘Bog-Off’ Bethany …

If you want to know what happened when Bethany faced the Beast – and it’s definitely worth knowing – you must read The Beast and the Bethany because I’m saying nothing.

Oh, ok … let’s just say that Bethany is now determined to undertake a substantial amount of de-beasting (draw your own conclusions).   Along with her new friend, singing-sensation Claudette – who happens to be a parrot of the purple-breasted variety – Bethany pesters convinces Ebenezer that he needs to hold a yard sale to get rid of any of the presents the beast had previously vomited up for his enjoyment.  If only the gifts were as keen to be gotten rid of! 

One-time prankster supreme Bethany has decided to change her ways and spend her days doing good for others.  There’s only one minor problem – neither Bethany nor Ebenezer know how to be good.  Oh, and she might just have a tough time persuading others that she has turned over a new leaf. And, ahem, she hasn’t quite lost her penchant for insults and threats.  And, did I say that Ebenezer is secretly craving the beast’s gifts and perhaps thinking of him more fondly than he should.  Still, I’m sure these firm friends will perfect do-gooding given time … but then, Claudette starts to feel unwell … what could possibly be upsetting her tummy?

What an absolutely irresistible delight:  fantastically fast-paced action; deliciously dark humour; oh-so-clever twists and turns; heart-warming and poignant.  I don’t want to end up on the receiving end of a stink bomb or to get puddled by an umbrella, so I’d better not risk any spoilers but, suffice to say, this is reading treat you don’t want to miss.

There are some brilliant new characters in this story as well as some old friends.  I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Gloria (not sure what that says about me!) who reminded me a little of Bethany – although Bethany probably wouldn’t agree and might even revert to catapulting me!  There are some moments in the story that made my heart ache for Bethany and Ebenezer as their friendship is threatened.  I love that this series is a triumph of both humour and heart:  a perfect combination.

The illustrations are utterly brilliant and complement the book perfectly:  lively, expressive and full of humour.

Now, I need to get this book into my class library as there are many fans who have been waiting patiently nagging me to get their hands on this one. 

Isabelle Follath Isabelle is an illustrator who has worked in advertising, fashion magazines and book publishing, but her true passion lies in illustrating children’s books. She also loves drinking an alarming amount of coffee, learning new crafts and looking for the perfect greenish-gold colour. Isabellelives in Zurich, Switzerland.

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