WWW Wednesday

I’m listening to The Lamplighters as my adult read for February. I’m enjoying the narration, the different viewpoints and am intrigued to find out what has happened. I’m also reading Escape Room. I’m not far into this one yet, but it has absolutely gripped me as Christopher Edge books tend to. It is tense, fast-paced and I’m very eager to find out what happens next.

I’ve finished four books this week. The Whistling was my adult read for January and, oh my goodness, did I enjoy it. The sense of foreboding is brilliantly built as is the feeling of isolation. Loved the twist which I didn’t see coming.

I also finished my re-read of The Beast and the Bethany: Revenge of the Beast and have posted my review as part of the Blog Tour.

I finished listening to The Rollercoaster Boy. I am trying to read more contemporary middle-grade and this was a brilliant one. It is a beautifully written, heart-warming adventure in Lisa Thompson’s inimitable style – an absolute winner!  This story deals with some difficult issues, such as mental health, neglect and financial hardship, in a sensitive manner that is entirely appropriate for younger readers of 9+. Todd and his young sister, Laurie are staying with their dad whilst their mother is abroad for work.  Their parents have separated, and their Dad is off the medication which was helping him with his mental health issues.  He takes them to a hotel which he had loved visiting with their mother when they were married but, when they arrive at the idyllic seaside hotel their dad has told them about, they discover that it is rundown and understaffed.  When their Dad’s health takes a turn for the worst and he wants to sleep all the time, Todd finds himself looking after both his father and little sister … with no-one he feels he can turn to for help.  Then they meet Scout, the hotel owner’s daughter, who tells him about a werewolf staying in the hotel and the locked room where her famous relative novelist vanished from many years previously, a room frozen in time that may just hold the secret to saving the hotel from financial ruin.  They also meet Patrick who is staying in the hotel with his businessman father who has no time for him.  Together these four decide to solve a mystery which leads to twists and turns, and wonderfully heart-warming friendships. I really enjoyed the mixture of real-life issues handled with such sensitivity and honesty, and the mystery of the locked room.  This is both a wonderful ‘issues’ story and a fantastically engaging mystery.

Finally, I devoured Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List over the weekend, and absolutely loved it. It is such a wonderful mixture of humour and heart. I will post my review next week.

I think I will read Sabotage on the Solar Express next as this is a series that I have loved.

Have you read any of these? What are you reading?

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