Review: The Kingdom Over the Sea

Written by Zohra Nabi
Illustrated by Tom Clohosy Cole
Published by Simon & Schuster

The Kingdom Over the Sea is a stunning, powerful and magical adventure that completely enthralled me from the fast-paced, intriguing prologue to the wonderful ending which makes me desperate for more from this world.

Grieving the recent loss of her mother, Yara finds a letter from her, with a strange set of instructions, telling her that she must return to the city of her birth, Zehaira, a place that is not on any map and one that Yara has never heard of.  Yara decides to follow the instructions, and finds herself in a city with golden domes where she can understand the language, a language which her mother had taught her. 

It is not long before Yara discovers that the world her mother has sent her to is not the world that she left 12 years before.  Magic has been outlawed and the Sultan’s alchemists have risen in power, determined to wipe out any trace of magic and destroy those who wield it – the sorcerers.  Will Yara be able to find a place to belong in this new world?  Can she discover the secrets of her past?  Will she be able to find a way to save the sorcerers from their usurpers?

What an incredible adventure this is!  Exciting, fast-paced, and brimming with danger, plots and secrets hidden just out of reach.  Sorcerers, alchemists, jinn not to mention flying carpets, hidden hideouts and elemental magic … perfect!

Yara is the most amazing young girl with incredible inner strength which makes her courageous, and determined to stand up for what she believes is right, even when this means breaking the rules or facing terrible danger.  I love the bond she forms with Ajal (who is the most wonderful character) as well as her friendship with Mehnoor and Rafi who prove loyal and supportive friends. 

This is an absolutely mesmerising, magical adventure, but is one which doesn’t shy away from dealing with themes such as prejudice and persecution fuelled by hatred, fear and power.  This makes it a really powerful read, and one which opens lots of opportunity for discussion.

The illustrations are absolutely stunning and complement this magical adventure perfectly.

A truly breath-taking, magical read, with family, friendship and hope at its heart, perfect for young adventurers of 9+.

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