WWW Wednesday

I’m reading The Magic Hour which I’m absolutely loving. I’m loving the style with the very present narrator and am fascinated by where this story will take me. I’m also listening to The Day No One Woke Up which is absolutely gripping. The only other book I’ve read by the same author is Boy in the Tower which is also sci-fi.

I finished Legends and Lattes which was just so brilliant – I loved the community that built around the coffee shop and the brilliant group of characters. So looking forward to Bookshops and Bonedust! I also finished Ghostlight which is a brilliantly tense ghost story that completely gripped me. I also read Away with Words which I loved. I’ll be posting my review as part of the Blog Tour later this week.

I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Jenny Pearson, so I’m hoping to read The Boy Who Made Monsters next – and I expect there’ll be tears!

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. The Boy who Made Monsters is classic JO, you’ll need your tissues yes but you’ll definitely love it.
    I was contemplating Away With Words when it came into work the other day, think I’ll give it a go!

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